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Asset Recovery

We can help you achieve maximum value from distressed technology equipment, decommissioned I.T. inventory, or surplus used assets.


Disposing of electronic gear in an unmanaged manner is an enormous legal and environmental liability. We can help eliminate your risk.

Facility Shutdown

Closing facilities, buildings, or manufacturing plants is a daunting task. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs and simplify this process.

Asset Valuation

We can provide an outside perspective for current market valuation of your technology assets during the early stages of liquidation project planning.


Welcome to ORBITZ Asset Recovery Services & Liquidation Management

Leading the industry in IT Asset Recovery, Electronics Recycling, Electronics Disposal, E-waste Disposal and E-waste Recycling.

ORBITZ ASSET RECOVERY SERVICES provides customers with a structured, secure process to resell or recycle surplus and decommissioned technology assets. Fast, affordable and easy to use, our asset recovery solutions provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of equipment disposal. Ultimately our solutions will help to reduce the total cost of ownership at the end of lifecycle for your technology assets.

Your Comprehensive E-Disposal & Recycling Partner

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